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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A waste of time....

This was the picture that greeted me when I went down last Monday during the storm that hit us.  The steel leg had sheared off and she was awash, sadly she is lying over on her starboard side again and all the caulking that I had spent many hours putting in had blown out from the deck and the Port side as well. 

One step forward and three steps back....

Well these things happen... What can you do??  I took some pictures and went home.  There was no point in worrying or standing for hours with a tear in my eye whilst she was battered around.  This was the teeth of a force ten and blowing from the south west, the one direction that spells disaster for any vessel laying where the lady is at present.
sadly when I went down later that day she had settled on her side again this time she has an 'H' beam sitting under her and (at the time) I had no idea if any damage had been done.

I couldn't see for the best part of a week as to whether any damage had been done to the hull by this.  But going on today's quick inspection... It appears that the leg has buried itself in the shingle and is not bent through the hull.  Its going to be fun digging the thing out now as it all has to go back on again over the next few days.

Previously to this, I had managed to get two thirds of the wheelhouse stripped and painted with red oxide.  It was looking very good and the last side of the Lady was about to sanded for painting, then of course the storm happened.

The port side, the aft of the wheelhouse and the top half of the front is done and ready for undercoat.  However I was waiting to complete the whole lot before starting that.  Now that will have to wait until she is back upright and level.

Here are a few more pictures of the damage and the boat during the storm.

High Tensile Steel Bar Sheared Through

Leg Ripped Off

Tensile Bar Damage Caused

Decks Awash

Wood Ripped By The Tensile Bar

The only other damage to the vessel seemed to be in two places.  The first was the fact that the protecting steel that is nailed to the hull to save the wood from nets etc was torn out and left hanging.  This was difficult to understand as to how this happened as it was nailed tight to the hull.  I think its because the movement in the hull put strain on the nails and they just popped.

The second area is on the stern and its post, there is at least five or so planks that are no longer tight to the stern post.  i guess the movement caused them to part.  More fastening and re-nailing methinks.

To look on the positive side of things, it could have been a hell of a lot worse.  She is in a killer berth and the people who originally put her there knew this.  Since taking her over and trying to move her, many comments have been made as to 'what the h"%l was I thinking' putting her in there in the first place! Since I had nothing to do with that I can only comment on my existing issues, like how quickly I can get her somewhere safe.

I'm tempted to have a rant here about the certain individuals who have read this blog and made telephone calls to the 'Powers' about the possible movements of the vessel and its legality.  Well, since you couldn't/cant be bothered to come and have an informal chat to me about it, you can whistle.  I mean going behind backs and complaining like a 'tattle tale', come on! I forgot that we live in such a small minded place sometimes..... oh well

Finally as to my heading!  Yes to you 'Anonymous' this project might be a waste of time, but its not your time its wasting.  If you read the blog in its entirety you will have perhaps learned something and therefor not wasted your own time! 
Productive and useful comments are welcomed, ones like 'What a waste of time'.... well your entitled to your opinion but why waste it here?

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