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Friday, September 23, 2011

Added Pictures...Better late than never!

I have the technology!  Finally I am able to take pictures again. So here are the few I have to add to the previous blog entry.

A wee pic of a very tatty bow... with some undercoat.  I mentioned about starting jobs and not finishing them in a previous blog, well here is a fine example.  I started stripping back the wood and then the rain came on,  ultimately the job was forgotten about and no doubt will have to be re-done at some point.

Here is the first picture of the wheelhouse with her undercoat on.  You can see the 'pelmet' is still untouched, but how long do I leave it for?  The hatch cover on the deck is over the space where the first set of planks have been removed.  I will add photo's later with the deck opened up.

Another view of the undercoated wheelhouse.

You can see the 'dining room' chair that is hanging together by a thread.  Its actually a very good work bench, but really is knackered!

Just aft of the orange pipe you can see a thin line cut in the deck.  This is for the removal of the planking aft for the the ultimate removal of the engine.

Another view of the bow.  The rope coming off the bow into the water is actually attached to a chain and anchor.  You can just see the chain poking above the water.  I put this out as the weather here has been b*&^**^ awful recently.  It has worked pretty well as its held her out from the wall since it was put on.

Well that's it for the moment.  Weather permitting I should be down over the next few days to carry on with the deck removal and if I can get some help I will hopefully start re nailing her soon as well.  Any volunteers??


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